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As an active member of a numerous amount of mustang websites, one company that is always helpful and always great to deal with is AmericanMuscle, being an online parts distributor, they have utilized all aspects of internet marketing, causing them to not only be extremely effective, but extremely likeable.

They have an EXTREMELY user friendly and attractive website, with all the best practices being used, from rotating banners that have monthly specials and top sellers/new products, they have all contact information shown, easy access to all facets of social media, and blog access that all gets wrapped up into one extremely well designed e-commerce experience.

Looking at social media, they have an extremely well maintained blog, that follows their projects cars and lets the community help them build them and decide colors and parts, this gets them thousands of comments and engagement on their blog, Facebook, and twitter. One thing that makes their social media so effective is that they dont sell directly, they show off customers cars with parts, a car community loves to see awesome cars so it makes them connected with the community and in turn generates leads and sales from spectators.

My favorite is their forum presence, they offer all forums special discount codes and have reps on every site to answer questions, deal with customer service, and also remain active in general conversation, these are mustang fanatics as well, not computers and it really makes a difference.

I also am signed up on their newsletter, and it keeps me up to date on new parts, new mustang events and fun things alltogether. Also they keep me informed of promotions, give me constant discounts, and allow me to enter into their monthly $500+ shopping sprees, to enter these you just have to follow their Youtube channels or other things, never making you directly promote them. That brings up their Youtube channel, which features how-to videos as well as fun videos humanizing the company as a whole, from taking models out in modded cars doing burnouts and donuts to poking fun at import cars on April Fool’s Day.

I am a very weary consumer most of the time, but even thought I do not buy alot since cars parts are expensive, I can say that they might just be my favorite company out there, and will always remember them when I need that little extra add-on later down the road.

The only thing missing is a good mobile app, which they have been active in discussing with the communty, seeing as it is a costly endeavor they want to make sure it is tailored to the users as best as possible and after reading thought the conversations the only issue arising is people being afraid for their wallets sake with a good mobile app. 

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Utilizing Technology and Mobile at Trade Shows


The company that I currently work for attends many trade shows throughout the year, spending thousands on marketing collateral that is never really tracked, budgeted, nor targeted. I have come up with my own trade show marketing plan utilizing concepts learned in my strategic internet marketing class, along with my integrated brand promotion class.

The goal of the strategy is to leverage the rising mobile market and allow consumers to view and even purchase any item on the spot. We currently spend a lot shipping sample boxes which then clutter up the tradeshow table and don’t allow anyone to truly focus or become engaged with the product, that’s where tech shines, implementing a tablet with a scrollable and rotating array of products, pricing and links for further info. This opens the table space up and allows for more interpersonal interaction and less clutter and noise.

Secondly relying on cheap gift cards and coupons that get lost, thrown away or wasted is a thing of the past. My plan is to implement a new QR code for each tradeshow, allow the code to link to specials and promotional deals that target the segment of the market attending, this will allow quick transactions, easy tracking and reporting and a fresh and progressive trade show offering.

With the rising mobile market, more users are buying online and this will catch them and reel them in, allowing them to be sold from a direct salesman after they are hooked. Also, the company I work for wants to pursue a new market in the younger more hip demographic, and I believe traditional marketing and coupon codes will not create the level of interest that a new mobile and tech based offering can provide. Hopefully one day I will be able to share ideas such as these, however writing out my ideas proves to give me an outlet to voice my ideas and that will do for now.

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#The Danger of Twitter


Twitter can be utilized as a very effective social media tool, it can build brand awareness, social interaction, and more, but it can also make the company liable for its employee’s “foot in the mouth” comments. Just in the past year there have been several instances of companies getting negative PR as well as looking ridiculous because of one employee’s tweet. The problem here is that everyone following is usually a fan of the company, so in the end all issues that arise will ultimately harm hot leads.

The first instance was with Chrysler, after pushing its “Imported From Detroit” and American pride angle trying to revitalize the troubled brand it passed its twitter management to an outside company, this came back and really hurt them. One day a employee for the PR company handling the twitter tweeted about Detroits traffic, its drivers and used profanity to completely trash talk the city. Not the best move for a company that takes pride in its Detroit standing.

Next we see Adam Orth, a creative director for Microsoft, not only did he break his NDA over twitter, he used his twitter to talk trash with a friend that in the end was disrespecting all customers that were located in mid-America. Needless to say his tweets and twitter was immediately closed down, and his LinkedIn account was also deleted, Microsoft doesn’t play around.

We come to use twitter as a fun shorthand way of speaking to the masses, and its a great tool, however we often tend to forget the business nature of communication in the process. There are several other high-followed individuals that have over the past year really went into an inappropriate direction and harmed their employers, there will always be damage control, but shouldn’t preventative measures be made to help make things run smoothly?

Twitter is a amazing service that connects users to every facet of the world, but just like traditional means of communication, people sometimes need to think a little more before they speak/tweet out.

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