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Mobile Users are KEY


This entry is a response to reading “Forget about social Media for a moment. What’s your mobile strategy?” by Brian Solis

This was a very intriguing post because it shows just how quickly the market fluctuates, when I was entering college all we heard about was how social media will be the most important aspect for years to come, and now the focus has yet again shifted and those quick enough to prepare for the trends will reap the benefits. Mobile is growing and with the rise of the tablet we are seeing that average consumers are now buying on the go, they are buying with ease on their tablets and they are browsing with mobile devices as well. The rise of the touch screen is what makes the mobile experience so favorable, navigation is simple, intuitive and responsive.

The article brings up many points, and the one that stuck out to me is USABILITY! You want your users to have a pleasant and focused experience or else they will leave and never look back. Its all in the creation of a good UI creating a focused experience that works, a usable site that is quick to traverse but doesn’t over complicate things. Contain your site, dont crowd everything all on one page, make it flow right and allow the customer to easily access what they desire with a visually appealing interface that works with the device being used (Android,iOS,Windows8, etc)

Most websites have a ridiculous amount of links and pages to access, however most of that is not needed when on a mobile device, the screen size is also a factor to think of when you are trying to generate ad revenue. Don’t make your ad’s obtrusive and ruin the experience, find creative ways to provide your users with catered ads that are organic with the flow of your site/application. Most sites are starting to¬†switch¬†over if they havent, and those who do not will lose a large audience in time, we have reached the age when everyone uses mobile devices as opposed to computers and it is exciting! The last big thing was social media, and now social media and mobile usage can be used in harmony and integration can make all new possibilities for companies.

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