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AmericanMuscle.com – Effective Internet Marketing


As an active member of a numerous amount of mustang websites, one company that is always helpful and always great to deal with is AmericanMuscle, being an online parts distributor, they have utilized all aspects of internet marketing, causing them to not only be extremely effective, but extremely likeable.

They have an EXTREMELY user friendly and attractive website, with all the best practices being used, from rotating banners that have monthly specials and top sellers/new products, they have all contact information shown, easy access to all facets of social media, and blog access that all gets wrapped up into one extremely well designed e-commerce experience.

Looking at social media, they have an extremely well maintained blog, that follows their projects cars and lets the community help them build them and decide colors and parts, this gets them thousands of comments and engagement on their blog, Facebook, and twitter. One thing that makes their social media so effective is that they dont sell directly, they show off customers cars with parts, a car community loves to see awesome cars so it makes them connected with the community and in turn generates leads and sales from spectators.

My favorite is their forum presence, they offer all forums special discount codes and have reps on every site to answer questions, deal with customer service, and also remain active in general conversation, these are mustang fanatics as well, not computers and it really makes a difference.

I also am signed up on their newsletter, and it keeps me up to date on new parts, new mustang events and fun things alltogether. Also they keep me informed of promotions, give me constant discounts, and allow me to enter into their monthly $500+ shopping sprees, to enter these you just have to follow their Youtube channels or other things, never making you directly promote them. That brings up their Youtube channel, which features how-to videos as well as fun videos humanizing the company as a whole, from taking models out in modded cars doing burnouts and donuts to poking fun at import cars on April Fool’s Day.

I am a very weary consumer most of the time, but even thought I do not buy alot since cars parts are expensive, I can say that they might just be my favorite company out there, and will always remember them when I need that little extra add-on later down the road.

The only thing missing is a good mobile app, which they have been active in discussing with the communty, seeing as it is a costly endeavor they want to make sure it is tailored to the users as best as possible and after reading thought the conversations the only issue arising is people being afraid for their wallets sake with a good mobile app. 

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E-Mail Marketing – Quick + Effective


E-Mail marketing has to be one of the greatest tools in a businesses arsenal, its quick, its effective, and its cheap. The beauty of it all is that you are never preaching to the wrong choir, everyone has opted in and wants to get updates and newsletters from you. That is why the most difficult part is generating a robust email list through lead generation techniques. Once you gain the consumer’s interest you can shower them in a constant stream of content that will not only strengthen your brand, but bring sales and awareness up as well.

Generally there are 3 types/formats to follow:

1) Newsletters – Inform + educate

2) Promotions/Invitations/Surveys

3) Announcements

I find from personal experience at my work (e-commerce based) that the promotional e-mails are the most effective towards bringing about sales and referrals. A simple 10% while reminding consumers that a holiday is coming up, or that winter is coming and hoodies are half off tends to take a warm/cold lead and heat things up a bit. The trick with these is to follow a few best practices when creating the e-mail as the general public gets flooded with e-mails daily and tends to dismiss alot of information.

Starting with just the subject line, we want to captivate the audience to open the e-mail, but not sound crazy and come off as a spam message, keep exclamation marks and caps lock out of here! Give a call to action, but tie it in with a deadline to create a sense of urgency and you will hopefully create a quick sale at that moment. Following general web design principles and making the advertisement visually appealing and easy to navigate and utilize is key as well, you want users to be able to click, buy, and recieve as effortless as possible, because lengthy processes just cause abandoned carts.

In the end you want to tie it all up in a social media campaign as that reigns supreme these days, integration across all media and marketing channels can be a very good strategic move, and with e-mail marketing you are going into the digital arena and everyone loves a cohesive message and campaign these days.

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