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E-Mail Marketing – Quick + Effective


E-Mail marketing has to be one of the greatest tools in a businesses arsenal, its quick, its effective, and its cheap. The beauty of it all is that you are never preaching to the wrong choir, everyone has opted in and wants to get updates and newsletters from you. That is why the most difficult part is generating a robust email list through lead generation techniques. Once you gain the consumer’s interest you can shower them in a constant stream of content that will not only strengthen your brand, but bring sales and awareness up as well.

Generally there are 3 types/formats to follow:

1) Newsletters – Inform + educate

2) Promotions/Invitations/Surveys

3) Announcements

I find from personal experience at my work (e-commerce based) that the promotional e-mails are the most effective towards bringing about sales and referrals. A simple 10% while reminding consumers that a holiday is coming up, or that winter is coming and hoodies are half off tends to take a warm/cold lead and heat things up a bit. The trick with these is to follow a few best practices when creating the e-mail as the general public gets flooded with e-mails daily and tends to dismiss alot of information.

Starting with just the subject line, we want to captivate the audience to open the e-mail, but not sound crazy and come off as a spam message, keep exclamation marks and caps lock out of here! Give a call to action, but tie it in with a deadline to create a sense of urgency and you will hopefully create a quick sale at that moment. Following general web design principles and making the advertisement visually appealing and easy to navigate and utilize is key as well, you want users to be able to click, buy, and recieve as effortless as possible, because lengthy processes just cause abandoned carts.

In the end you want to tie it all up in a social media campaign as that reigns supreme these days, integration across all media and marketing channels can be a very good strategic move, and with e-mail marketing you are going into the digital arena and everyone loves a cohesive message and campaign these days.

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