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Ugly Websites Get NO Love


Websites come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, however even to this day we see the constant onslaught of poorly designed, optimized, and maintained websites. The issue that comes about with this is that sometimes underneath that horrible UI or design is some truly great insight to be had. They always tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but this is the digital age! books are e-books now and websites are easily built to be effective, theĀ absenceĀ of an attractive website is an issue that has no valid excuse.

Looking at design first, a very attractive and non-overbearing design needs to be instated with a nice guide for everyone to visibly see. There needs to be a short, sweet and unique value proposition to captivate the audience and deter bouncing. Often times rotating banners below the page selector can be very effective, catering towards a wide range of consumers. Connectivity is also key! you need to have synergy across all internet marketing and social media so all extensions of the brand across the web need to be easily accesible.

Another key component is to have the website easy to convert users, whether it be sales, follows, or sign ups for newsletters it needs to be a easy process that will not put off potential leads. There are several tools out there that are so simple to use that not taking advantage of having a fully functional and optimized website can prove to be one of the most monumental mistakes a business can make, online or brick and mortar.

Finally a business really needs to assess their industry and if a app isn’t a viable or smart option, mobile optimization needs to be done! The rise of the mobile marketplace is something that we simply cannot dismiss and making a website that is scalable on mobile platforms as well as responsible and optimized can make not only conversions better, but it can have consumers more interested into exploring your site!

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