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Video Marketing – Building Relationships


Recently my class went over the power of video marketing and the various types and parameters that are considered the most effective. This gives me a chance to express my extreme support for video marketing, I feel that not only does my generation not have the attention span to fully become engaged with a company’s message or goals, but with the rise of social media we are greatly influenced by a brand’s ability to connect to us in a comfortable and straightforward manner.

By creating interesting and engaging videos, companies are able to focus on an aspect of marketing that some don’t value quite enough, building equity and relationships with consumers. Salesmen are often viewed as unsavory people to a lot, constantly being sold products can create distaste for a brand that is where video marketing can be beneficial. An example is the Ford Mustang, everyone knows what it is and what the purpose is, however by utilizing world class drift racing icon Vaughn Gittin Jr. they are able to make a fun to watch piece that in turn makes users more prone to invest more time and attention towards Mustang’s in the future.

There’s no sales pitch, no text and no words at all, just pure adrenaline and fun for anyone to enjoy, even MOPAR and Chevy drivers. Many brands bring out informational videos that increase consumer likeability as well as add to the goodwill of the brand.  Video marketing has untapped potential to gain followers, build long-term relationships with customers and that is much more important than a quick sale, with cars brand equity is extremely important as brand loyalty tends to be very high, this is a very high MAO purchase and beating the customer over the head with sales pitches is often ineffective.

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